We provide services to all of District 5 Probation

We also provide counseling in the following counties:

Adams * Hall * Hamilton * Merrick * York


Traditional hours Monday - Friday; Evening hours are available by appointment.


We accept most NE insurance, including NE Medicaid, Medicare, and Vouchers through Probation & Parole. We do not want cost to inhibit therapy. We will gladly work out payment arrangements as needed. We may ask you for pay stubs for the month along with your monthly bills.


               We believe that 

                            Wellness is attainable.

                 Let us help you attain wellness!

Cherishing Lives
  Renewing Hearts 

​​​"Sozo" means: to have control of one's self, to have faith and believe, to heal, make joyful, to love and feel loved, to make anew, to preserve, to protect, to make one self whole again. 


A few services offered are:

  • ​Individual, couple, Family Therapy
  • Alcohol/Drug Outpatient-Adult & Juvenile

​                     -Including serving Probation

  • Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • Support Groups
  • In-home Family Services
  • Trauma-Focused & Informed Care

Who can benefit from these services? 

Those individuals, couples and families: 

  • suffering depression and/or anxiety
  • struggling with alcohol and/or substance abuse issues
  • having experienced a traumatic event such as child abuse/neglect,

             domestic violence, loss, rape, war or other tragic event

  • having issues managing their anger
  • or those individuals ordered to seek therapy by the courts
  • having troubles with communication skills
  • ​those having difficulty expressing their emotions or decision making


Support Groups & Classes

At various times during the year we offer different support groups and classes.  Please check back for dates and times.


Adoptive Parent Support Group


Loss Support Group 

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Cherishing Lives, Renewing Hearts